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Worm Hit Quickstarter is an organic fertiliser designed to maintain healthy lawns and keep them looking lush to enhance your home’s appearance.  

Quickstarter is a powerful soil enhancing organic fertiliser, rich in key nutrients to create healthy soil conditions to enable your lawn to enjoy healthy growth and look its best all year round. Worm Hit’s Quickstarter lawn fertiliser is ideal for homeowners and gardeners who want their lawns to look their best, with rich green colour and consistent growth with no dead patches.

Greenkeepers and landscape gardeners looking for a good turf feed will love Quickstarter. Full of beneficial microbes and colloidal humus from the worm’s castings to help the turf bounce back from constant foot traffic. Acting as lawn nourishment, Quickstarter’s growth booster properties will help build strong, healthy roots to help stop disease, insects and weeds from attacking your grass.

The organic structure of Worm Hit’s Quickstarter lawn feed, is full of healthy microorganisms, and will help keep your grass green by retaining water during extended dry conditions. This also makes Quickstarter the ideal grass fertiliser to help stressed lawns recover from heat, drought, and  other adverse weather conditions, as well as people and animal damage.

Great news, Worm Hit Quickstarter is organically certified, so lawn enthusiasts can apply the growth booster and green enhancer knowing there are no adverse effects on the environment. 

Quickstarter is so good, you can’t even over fertilise and burn your grass’s roots!

  • Improves soil structure

  • Stronger plant growth

  • 100% natural and organic

  • Activates with water

  • Ideal lawn nutrient supplement

  • For technical details, please visit our data sheets here

Worm Hit Quickstarter is available in

  • 2.5kg bags

  • 5kg bulk bags

  • Bulk loads by arrangement

To Order

Worm Hit Quickstarter is available in rural stores across Australia, to find your local Reseller please click here. To know more about Worm Hit call 1300 336 009, or fill out a form online here.

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Organic Worm HIt Fertiliser
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