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Wheat Crop



Trial Group:    Millewa Farm (Robert Mathews)

Crop:               Wheat (40kg/h) 

Plant Date:     14/7/2017

Test Product:  Worm Hit Pellets (40kg/h)

Location:         Yarrarra, Mallee

Soil:                  Marginal, lime stone country

Notes:  Growing season rain totalled 130mm.

Worm Pellet Fertiliser


​Fertiliser that has been through the worm contains nutrients that are immediately plant available as well as microbes that enhance soil biology.  This has led to:

  • Vast improvements in early root growth

  • A more resilient crop that is better able to handle the harsh Mallee spring

  • Higher resistance to pest attack, in particular Russian aphids

  • Plant takes up more silicon producing tougher plants with improved stem strength and tolerance to dry conditions

  • Fixed the PH in the soil

  • Fixed the structure of the soil, allowing more air and water to get down into the soil structure and be stored to fill the root zone

  • Marginal areas produced definite yield improvement


"I have been using a fertilizer regime based around biological products for the last 4 years. The benefits of the change have been huge. Pelletising the product to be used in an air seeder has been a major improvement in the application of the product. The yield was 12 bags to the acre using Worm Hit Pellets compared with 6 or 7 bags to the acre with no pellets."

In the Mallee, cost is comparable to chemical cost, but the end point is a more holistic approach to soil management producing a healthier performing soil. Combining Worm Hit pellets through the air seeder at seeding time, eliminated the need to broadcast organic matter out prior to seeding. And because the worm pellets are activated with their own carbon source, the microbes start multiplying from the moment they become moist providing instant feed for the seed. Because of the improvement in my crop yield and seed protein, I am working on marketing the product from my harvest as Mallee Natural a superior grain for flour and stock feed. There has been no loss in yield transitioning to more natural way of farming, however the benefit of improved grain quality and quantity and higher protein levels will make my farming operation more viable and sustainable for the future benefit of my children.   I would strongly recommend this product to other grain farmers."

Robert Matthews

2 weeks out from emergence.
Rob Mathews Testimonial after using fertiliser
Organic Worm HIt Fertiliser
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