Sugar Cane

Sugar Cane Testimonial


Crop:              Sugar Cane

Test Product: Worm Hit Pellets

Reviewer:       Simon Mattsson, Mackay Australia

Notes:            Comparison trial. Planted 28/4/2017

Testimonial Letter


Well I have finally got around to taking some photos of the roots of my cane for you.

As I said to you from the start I have not been able to discern a noticeable difference just looking at what’s growing above the ground, this is no real surprise to me remembering cane is a perennial C4 grass and is relatively slow to grow, so if we could discern a difference in the 80 days or so that the product has been in place we would have discovered a silver bullet and everyone knows there is no such thing.

However once I started digging it was plain to see a big difference in the roots, the photos attached above really don’t show it very well, but everywhere I dug there was a big difference in the amount of roots and the vigour and size of those roots.

The first photo has no Worm Hit on the left and the same in the second photo, these plants are all in the area where I had sunflower as well, that sunflower is now gone and the cane is recovering nicely.


The last photo is from the area where there was no sunflower, but had Worm Hit applied, these are the best root system I have ever seen on my plant cane, (cane planted 28/4/2017).

So it would appear that your product has improved the root systems of the cane where it has been applied, the question now is whether that will transfer into increased yield and for those results we will have to wait until harvest next year, probably August.




Simon Mattsson

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