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Worm Brick Fertiliser For Plants

Worm Hit Bricks are a biological fertiliser made from worm casts that contain beneficial soil microorganisms. Worm Hit Bricks are a slow release biological fertiliser in a 1.25kg brick, cleverly designed to be easily broken in half. The bricks are sold as a twin pack, box of 8 or palette (819 bricks).


They are perfect for new plantings of avocado, citrus, stone fruit, almonds or any tree to which micro-organisms provide a steady stream of nutrient for new growth to help turbo boost the rhizosphere helping you to get your plants into commercial production quickly and efficiently.

Worm Hit Bricks are full of beneficial, healthy soil micro-organisms including bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes. These are all of the 'good guys' that transform nutrients within the soil from inorganic forms to organic forms to facilitate plant nutrient uptake. This leads to healthy crops, trees or plants with improved growth and yield. 

Worm Hit fertiliser is organically certified, so as someone keen to grow healthy strong plants you can rest easy, you are using a safe, tried and tested organic fertiliser.

​Application Rates

Citrus, fruit, nut, avocado and other large tree plants: 1 or half a brick per tree.

Smaller trees and shrubs: half a brick per plant

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Organic Worm HIt Fertiliser
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