Citrus Tree Trial

Reviewer:        Victorian Citrus Farms Citrus

Crop / Plant:   Citrus

Location:         Red Cliffs, VIC

Plant Date:      November 2017

Photo Date:    March 2018

Test Product:   Worm Hit Brick

Application:    ½ Brick (500g) per tree

Notes:             The following trial was conducted with the same soil                                         conditions, tree spacing and watering levels.



Our Worm Hit trial was conducted in November 2017.

Our trial shows one full row of tree plantings at a spacing of 3 meters per tree. We worked our trial from the middle out.

To the left we fertilised with our normal 10-14 day liquid fertilizer program, which is run through a drip-fed irrigation system. To the right we fertilised with Worm Hit Bricks. We used half a Worm Hit Brick (500g) per tree. We applied the brick at root level, placed beside the root ball. It was an easy application process. The same amount of water was applied to the both rows.

The first notable difference was with the tree height and trunk calliper. The next notable difference was in foliage growth and tree density. The Worm Hit fed trees appear to be a year in growth ahead of the irrigated trees.

Should this trial have been for plant sales, the financial benefits would be of great impact.

We strongly recommend Worm Hit Bricks to all our growers for stronger, faster and healthier tree growth and we proudly display our trial to all our growers.


Thanks for the opportunity to run this trial.


Kind Regards, Jason & Sean

Victorian Citrus Farms