Pelletised Worm Hit Fertiliser

Worm Hit certified organic pellets are a biological fertiliser made from worm casts that contain beneficial soil micro-organisms.

Worm Hit pellets are 5mm in diameter to suit a range of agricultural uses including broad acre, horticulture, viticulture and the home garden market.

Available in 20kg Bags, 500kg and 1 Tonne Bulk Bags, Bulk Tippers


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With a growing population, rising food production costs and a global focus on environmental sustainability a small team from Victoria identified worm castings as the organic powerhouse fertiliser of the future and began investigating a solution to the application challenges of this natural product.

Through intensive research, production trials and testing the team was able to develop a unique system enabling them to both pelletise the castings and form them into compacted bricks. This revolutionary development ultimately led to the formation of Worm Hit as a company in 2015.

Operating from their Mildura production facility the company began an extensive research and development phase, testing and trialing the product on various commercially produced crops.

The highly successful trials led to both Worm Hit pellets and Worm Hit Bricks being commercially available for sale in 2017, bringing forth the availability of this impressive renewable fertiliser and society one step closer to achieving truly sustainable agriculture

The Company's vision focused on helping to create a healthier world, not only for the environment but everything living in it. Worm Hit aims to contribute to this goal via more more sustainable, natural farming practices and the reduction of inorganic fertilisers

Worm Hit Bricks

Worm Hit bricks are a slow release biological fertiliser in a 1.25kg brick cleverly designed to be broken in half.

Worm Hit bricks are perfect for new plantings of avocado, citrus, stone fruit, almonds, in fact any tree to which micro-organisms provide a steady stream of nutrient for new growth to help turbo boost the rhizosphere helping you to get your plants into commercial production very quickly

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Maximise nutrient availability

The soil microorganisms help to increase the nutrient availability and regulate the nutrient uptake to ensure the right element is in the right place at the right time when the plant requires it.

Improve soil structure           

The soil micro-organisms will increase soil and nutrient holding capacity as  well as increase soil aeration

Increase yields and quality             

By allowing the nutrients to be in the right place at the right time, the yield and quality will be increased

Disease suppression                         

Soil microorganisms make stronger, healthier plants that help fight off disease causing organisms

Contains humic acid                     

Humic acid helps to improve soil nutrient holding capacity, water holding capacity and plant growth




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